HALL A, Thursday, FEBRUARY 27, 2020

  • Pro: Liver contralateral hypertrophy: Portal vein embolization works better
  • Con: Liver contralateral hypertrophy: Lobar radioembolization works better
  • When Should We Add Hepatic Vein Embolization to PVE
  • Hepatic Vein Embolization During PVE: Technical considerations
  • Renal Embolization prior to Surgery: Update in 2020
  • What are the Needs in Image Guidance during Intra-Arterial IRO?
  • Transarterial-Radioembolozation in Colorectal Metastasis: An update
  • Angio+CT should be the Best for Endovascular IRO
  • CBCT is Enough for Endovascular IRO
  • Intraprocedural Imaging and Navigation Tools in Intraarterial Therapy for Liver Cancer
  • Panel Discussion

HALL A, Friday FEBRUARY 28, 2020

  • Case Based Discussion

HALL A, Saturday FEBRUARY 29, 2020

  • Liver Tumor Ablation: Update 2020
  • How I Plan a Renal Tumor Ablation
  • Embolization + Cryo: When and how for Renal K
  • Use of CBCT During Ablations
  • HCC: Which Device for Which Lesion
  • The Relative Roles of Percutaneous Ablation and Stereotactic Radiotherapy
  • Complication Management after Lung Ablation
  • Panel Discussion


  • Understand the indications and treatment options of loco regional therapies.
  • Be familiar with all percutaneous ablative techniques


D. Sze (USA)
A. M. de la Cuesta (Spain)
O. Hetta ( Egypt)
F. Deprez (Belgium)
G. Maleux (Belgium)
F. Deprez (Belgium)
A. Justaniah (KSA)
T. De Baere (France)
M. Van Strijen (Netherlands)
J. Geschwind (USA)
E. de Kerviler (France)
M. Van Strijen (Netherlands)

O. Seror (France)
A. Adam (UK)
A. Khalil (France)





Varicocele Embolization