HALL B, Wednesday, FEBRUARY 26, 2020

  • Pro: EVAR is now the gold-standard for AAA
  • Con: We have pushed too far the envelope with EVAR. Surgery is still the gold standard
  • Impact of the Nice Decision in Current Practice
  • Place of Endostapling after EVAR
  • Type II Endoleak: How to optimize the treatment
  • Complex Aortic Repair: Custom made stent-grafts: What is available and limitation
  • Complex Aortic Repair: The other options (FEVAR, BEVAR,….)
  • In Situ Fenestration in Aortic Abdominal Aneurysms
  • How to Deal with Iliac Aneurysms in 2020
  • Prevention of Type II Endoleak: What’s new?
  • Panel Discussion

HALL B, Thursday FEBRUARY 27, 2020

  • Pro: I always search and preserve the ADK artery
  • Con: I never look or the preserve the ADK artery
  • Current Technique to Prevent Paraplegia
  • Place of Endovascular Repair in the Ascending Aorta
  • Can Imaging Predict the Evolution of Aortic Dissection
  • Stabilize Technique in Aortic Dissection
  • Technical Aspect and Results during Endovascular Repair of Traumatic Aortic Rupture
  • Endovascular Treatment of the Aortic Arch
  • Review of Techniques to Avoid Paraplegia and Results
  • Panel Discussion


  • Demonstrate and discuss the state-of-art approach to complex and challenging aortic aneurysms
  • Practical lessons to maximize outcome of endovascular interventions


  • Hoballah (Lebanon)
  • Elmasri (USA)
  • Koussayer (KSA)
  • Tacher (France)
  • Desgranges (France)
  • Findeiss (USA)
  • Rousseau (France)
  • Hamady (UK)
  • Aljabri (Canada)
  • Al Sibaie (UAE)
  • O. Elfarok (Egypt)
  • Müller-Hülsbeck (Germany)
  • Simonte (Italy)
  • Rousseau (France)
  • Haddad (Lebanon)
  • Suliman (UAE)
  • Hussein (Egypt)
  • Hammada (Egypt)


HALL B, Feb. 26, 13:00-14:00



NAAD Aortic Training

Workshop Room 2, Feb. 29, 11:00-12:30